Export and Import Consulting

We know how to identify and create business opportunities.

Export and Import Consulting

We know how to identify and create business opportunities.

Attention to detail

We are professionals with more than 15 years of experience in foreign trade, and fluent in several languages.

STR’s philosophy is to provide a “personalized comprehensive service” and personalized in all phases of the internationalization process, responding and always offering the ideal solution to the requirements and needs of our customers, taking into account the particularities of the destination market. At STR we know how to identify and create business opportunities.”


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Our services

Today, for many companies, the solution to grow and expand passes through internationalization

Preparation of reports on international markets.

Elaboration of penetration strategies in international markets.

Creation, expansion and maintenance of portfolio of clients and / or foreign suppliers.

Administrative management of international trade: distribution and agency contracts, export/import department procedures.

Information and management of subsidies, aid and official programs to export.

Communication and correspondence in different languages, translation of documentation, interpretation and accompaniment at fairs, travel organization.

Representative office. Support services in international business trips and preparation of Sector Fairs and assistance in Fairs.

Translation and negotiation service in the sale.

Export and import management and international shipments.

International customs advice.

Technical and administrative management of international operations.
Management of transport insurance.


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